Frequently Asked Questions

Who installs the equipment and what equipment is included?

The school district is responsible for installing the TV or digital screens. Yokel will help with the setup of the WiFi ‘sticks’ – small devices that transform a TV into a smart TV

Who controls what – unit, advertising, etc.?

Each school controls all their own content. You designate staff members to manage content and set up access to the software.

Sponsors who advertise on your network manage their own messaging; however, the school has the right to disapprove of any particular advertisement. If this occurs, Yokel will remove the ad and work with the Sponsor to create a more suitable message.

What content is allowed on the Yokel network?

We require that all content is family-friendly and does not contain profanity, obscene words or images, or derogatory statements. Yokel reserves the right to reject inappropriate content at our own discretion.

What data, if any, do you collect?

We collect data only on screen or system uptime. Since sponsors pay for ads on the network, it’s important that screens are connected and running during school hours. Yokel monitors the system and sends notifications to the school admin if a screen is ‘offline’ for any reason.

Can messages or advertisements be placed on individual and/or all digital displays?

Absolutely, you have the ability to broadcast your messages on one, two or all of your digital displays.

How secure is Yokel at my school or business?

Yokel leverages your wireless or wired internet access and is protected by the security protocols chosen by your local network administrator. If internet access isn’t available, internet hot spots can be purchased.

On what technology is Yokel running?

Yokel leverages Java and Android based technology and software.

How do I know if a digital display is turned off or not working properly?

The Yokel admin portal provides administrators with a simple view of all of the digital displays within their school or business – and a status color indicator to indicate whether or not the digital display is online or offline.

What happens if the iStick (the device that turns a regular TV into a Smart TV) stops working?

On the rare occasion this happens, simply restarting the iStick will most likely resolve the issue. If it doesn’t Yokel’s operational staff can assist.

How long does the installation process take?

On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to install and configure Yokel on a digital display unit.

Can Yokel work in conjunction with cable TV – i.e. can regular TV be shown in the main tile?

Not at this time.

How many RSS feeds can I add?

Administrators can add as many RSS Feeds as they wish from within the admin portal.

How do I turn on and off social media feeds e.g. Twitter?

Administrators can turn on and off various functions such as Twitter, the weather, etc. from within the admin portal.

Can I define the order in which my advertisements or messages are being displayed?

Absolutely. Administrators can specify the order in which messages are displayed by a simple drag and drop process.

What file types are supported by Yokel?
How do I create an alert for immediate broadcast?

To create an alert, select the School Content menu and then the Alerts sub menu. Click the add (+) button, upload the file and hit OK. To enable the alert, simply select the ‘enable’ hyperlink.