School Sponsors and Advertisers

Want to put your message
in front of students?

Advertising on television is incredibly expensive and not especially effective, while online advertising and social media can be hit and miss. Instead, if your target audience is teenagers on the road to secondary education or a career, Yokel is a great solution.
Here’s how it works.

Schools and districts contract directly with Yokel to provide a digital billboard solution. Digital display screens are located in strategic locations, and the school provides their own content designed to engage and inform students.

    Paid advertisements run alongside the content provided by the school. Typical school sponsors include military recruiters, technical schools, banks, technology companies and colleges looking to attract bright young minds.

      As a school sponsor, you can provide the information kids need to make informed career decisions, and encouragement to follow their ambitions. Your ad can be seen by a highly targeted and receptive audience of hundreds of thousands every day.

        You'll also be helping to boost school revenues. Yokel shares advertising revenue with partner schools and districts. So while you're getting your message out, you're also helping to fund education.