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Yokel is a software platform that allows you to broadcast, enlighten and entertain with engaging content shown on digital display screens in your waiting rooms, classrooms, or public areas.

You can create and upload your own content, or stream content from the web: Twitter, YouTube, local weather, news, and more.

    Yokel is a scalable system. Run your message on one screen, several screens in the same location, or even in remote offices. You have complete control – show the same content throughout your network, or show something different in each screen.

      Split the screen to run multiple messages side by side or use the full screen to deliver a single message for maximum impact.

        Yokel allows you to manage advertising, content and important information in real time, from anywhere.

          Yokel's admin portal is simple yet powerful. Uploading content is as easy as sending an email attachment, but you can also schedule content in advance, and change at a moment's notice to deliver timely messages to your audience.

            And to make sure your message always hits home, our smart system sends automatic alerts if a screen goes offline or stops receiving content.